Zambia’s Sithembile Ncube named among Africa’s 26 Most Outstanding Emerging Women Leaders

The Moremi Initiative for Women’s Leadership in Africa has announced the 2017 MILEAD (Moremi Initiative Leadership, Empowerment and Development) Fellows. This new cohort of MILEAD Fellows represents Africa’s most promising young women leaders, who possess the courage and commitment to lead and shape the future of Africa. The Fellows were chosen through a highly competitive selection process based on their outstanding leadership promise, community service accomplishments, and commitment to the advancement of women in Africa.

Zambia’s Sithembile Ncube, is a community leader passionate about STEAM education and promoting the use of creative technology within Africa. Through two organizations that she co-founded, namely MakerHut and Ubongo Game Lab, she is currently implementing a makerspace program for youth in Zambia as well as an annual all-female game development bootcamp. She is also a member of the Asikana Network, a women in technology support organization in Zambia. She is a Computer Science student at the Nelson Mandela University.

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A poem – by Luana Malan

Image by Revolt For Her

You rebelled against the culture of respecting me as a person

Went against morals and values

When you bashed my face blue

Left me in ICU

You forgot the golden rule-to do unto others, what you want done to you

When you tore my clothes, my clitoris, my life apart

You went against what is right


When you chose to be wrong

You wronged my body and my mind

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By Linda Kasonde

As an ardent student of history, the subject of leadership has fascinated me for years. In particular, I look for insights into what makes great leaders so great – Mandela, Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr. to name but a few. For me, more than anything the pattern that emerges amongst all exceptional leaders is the ability to have the courage of their convictions. Going to Harvard had been a dream of mine for some time. One bored Sunday I googled their Executive programmes and came across one at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government that really sparked my interest: “Leadership in the 21st Century: “Chaos, Courage and Conflict”. More than anything the idea of leading with courage resonated with me. I applied for the course at Harvard and much to my delight I was accepted onto the programme.

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The cause for gender equality is one that leaves many confused as to what it exactly en-tells. It is important to have a sound understanding of gender because of the unequal gender power relations that exist in most countries today as a result of cultural and social norms.

Women are often disadvantaged economically, politically, legally and socially, mostly due to lack of knowledge, poverty and environments that are not enabling for them to thrive. To help make the subject of gender a lot easier to understand, here are a few key terms and principles you must know, with leads from Patricia Made and Colleen Morna’s Diversity in Action…




Justina Mutale of the Justina Mutale Foundation For Leadership
Justina Mutale of the Justina Mutale Foundation For Leadership

Our phenomenal woman feature kicks off with a lady we crush on everyday because of her incredible work and representation of #Zambia to the world.

We love & celebrate Justina Mutale of the Justina Mutale Foundation for Leadership an initiative working to connect women to global power networks and inspiring women to turn dreams into actionable goals. 


Her bio ably describes her below



By Linda Kasonde

Linda Kasonde, President of the Law Association of Zambia
Linda Kasonde, President of the Law Association of Zambia

With a woman’s ambition to lead comes the risk of being undermined, maligned, side-lined or even physically attacked simply because women are still viewed as the weaker sex. This year I was elected as the first female President of the Law Association of Zambia in the fifty-three-year history of the organisation and its predecessor the Law Society of Zambia. Having been in office since May this year, I now concur with the late, great “philosopher” David Bowie who jokingly said, “Don’t be the first, be the second”. On a serious note, being a relatively young female leader in a patriarchal society is fraught with challenges; the first of which is actually getting into office. Continue reading “WOMEN, RESILIENCE AND THE WILL TO LEAD”

“WOMEN ARE TRASH HASHTAG” A summary of Online Violence Against Women


At a time when women especially in African countries, are taking lead in addressing the injustices that have existed for centuries such as rape culture, discrimination and violence, it is quite telling that a hashtag dubbed “Women are Trash” started by a South African male with the username @JustKholii_ is trending on Twitter.  Might we mention, today also also happens to be the International Day of the Girl under the theme “Girls’ Progress = Goals’ Progress: What Counts for Girls”.

Here is the basis on which the young man anchored his hashtag……

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Amanda is a 30-year-old IT specialist and the only female amongst 17 young Zambian innovators who have been selected for the Zambia Information and Communications Authority (ZICTA)’s 2016 ICT Innovation Programme, which is designed to give assistance to enthusiastic young Zambian innovators who have ideas that show potential for transformation into viable usable products.

Amanda studied for her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering in Russia and currently works as a Technical Support Analyst for the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia(CIDRZ). Fascinated by the idea of creating something new and improving already existing systems, Amanda has developed a system that will help local governments in Zambia to control the bus transport system in the country. Continue reading “MEET ALUMANDA SHAKANKALE”


(Editor’s Note: the first section of this article is written by Levi Kabwato)

AROUND THE WORLD, Empathy is in short supply. Our ability to move past tragedy and forget them is quite alarming. The hashtags on social media have not made things easier as well. You can simply hashtag your message and feel you have done enough so you can move on with your life. Perhaps this should be fine, if you consider that a lot more goes ignored because, well, most people just do not have the time or strength to devote to every problem of the world.

Surely, however, there are things that can be done at a local level. There are various actions that can be taken in order to deal with social ills and other malaise in the pursuit of justice. It does not have to be earth-shattering – just simple expressions of Empathy that reveal what our African-ness is all about – Ubuntu/Umunthu.

I am because you are.

Where has the compassion gone? Where is the dignity? Where is the humanity? Granted, we are all living busy lives and are pre-occupied with our own aspirations and so on, but, when was the last time you had time for a stranger? When was the last time you put yourself in another’s shoes, to feel their pain and to make it better for them? Continue reading “THE HYENA LAUGHS AT ITS VICTIMS”