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A poem – by Luana Malan

Image by Revolt For Her

You rebelled against the culture of respecting me as a person

Went against morals and values

When you bashed my face blue

Left me in ICU

You forgot the golden rule-to do unto others, what you want done to you

When you tore my clothes, my clitoris, my life apart

You went against what is right


When you chose to be wrong

You wronged my body and my mind

But… my Soul?

Not my soul

Never my soul!

Let me first spit in your face – it’s only fair

Then I’ll give you my other cheek

Rebel against your system to keep me weak

Yes my body is sore, damn sore!

Yes my mind scared!

Let me make this clear

My soul is my core

Besides my mind is putting on a provisional facade.

The love I have for life your revolution can never…

I love you for even thinking you could dare savage my soul

Ha! ICU … Do you see me in control?

I am the author of my life

I am opposing women abuse

I am in love with my life

I am revolutionizing against the system of systematic fear

Not this woman’s soul

Oh no, my dear.





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