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Amanda is a 30-year-old IT specialist and the only female amongst 17 young Zambian innovators who have been selected for the Zambia Information and Communications Authority (ZICTA)’s 2016 ICT Innovation Programme, which is designed to give assistance to enthusiastic young Zambian innovators who have ideas that show potential for transformation into viable usable products.

Amanda studied for her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering in Russia and currently works as a Technical Support Analyst for the Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia(CIDRZ). Fascinated by the idea of creating something new and improving already existing systems, Amanda has developed a system that will help local governments in Zambia to control the bus transport system in the country.

Alumanda being congratulated for being a finalist in the 2016 ZICTA ICTInnovation Programme. Image Credit: Revolt Media

The system will also keep records of payments on the levies paid by the bus drivers towards maintenance of the bus station. Furthermore, the system will be designed in such a way that it brings revenue to the municipal councils as well as assist in keeping records of the local bus transportation system.

Some of the other applications Amanda has developed include a school records system, a fleet system and she was part of a team that developed a fixer platform that connects users to maids and handymen. The future sure does look promising for this young Zambian Lady.

Miss Amanda Shakankale Image Credit: Revolt Media
Miss Alumanda Shakankale
Image Credit: Revolt Media

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